My Android Installation Guideline

This is my personal tutorial for my device. If you’re going to follow this, fine. Follow at your own risk because I’m not responsible if anything bad happen to your device! Actually, the purpose of this tutorial is to provide me a “guideline” and “application rundown installation” if something happen with my device (e.g.: Accidental Format, Re-formatting) or something like that.

First time hands on, probably you want to do something fun but not risky. Therefore, I obligate you to don’t do anything stupid unless it’s proven to work (e.g.: rooting your device, boot in recovery mode). This is my guideline so I listed the apps that considered as “best” in my opinion. I’m not explaining every step by step how to do anything so bear with it!

Use Google to search the specific apps, here’s the guideline:

  • Update your device to the newest firmware (currently my device is Jellybean 4.1.2) or search a better custom firmware that suit your device best, search the firmware that match your device (duh…seriously) or leave your current firmware if it suit you best. You probably want to skip step 2 and 3 if you installed a custom firmware. Usually the custom firmware already rooted.
  • Root your device. I have my own method and risk free to do so. The root method is using CWM Recovery (xda forum provide a lot of tutorial for this).
  • Install SuperSU from CWM Recovery.
  • Install Online Nandroid Backup, backup your current device ROM state for a default before you install anything. This method only possible if you have rooted your device, if you want to backup without rooting, I suggest to search other method in xda, Continue reading My Android Installation Guideline

Phase Shift (Another Guitar Hero & Frets on Fire Clone)

I’ve been playing with Phase Shift for like 2 months. It’s not a new game, I just knew it. If you’re interested what’s the changes and differences I will quickly explain it.

Changes from Frets on Fire/FoFix:

  • You can play a real guitar notes if you have the right configuration and notes (the songs also must support the real guitar notes).
  • Lyric display integrated with notes.mid (new FoFix has implemented this like in Rock Band). As of now, you can’t sing like in FoFix can do, the developer still doesn’t know how the lyric script working to the game, for now you can just only display it. If you like to sing a lot, better to stick your tongue in UltraStar.
  • Improved graphic, video support, 3d background support (easier to edit than FoFix) and 3D Anaglyph support (other colors also supported)
  • Easily change your song.ini within the game via pause menu.
  • Practice mode is better than ever!
  • Star Power mechanism like in Guitar Hero World Tour and Rock Band.
  • Drum Support, 5 Lane Drum Support.
  • Key Support, no need for strum if you don’t like the game default mechanism! If you ever played O2 Jam, this system is adapted from that. For you to do this, you need to edit the notes.mid to work.
  • Up to 4 players support if you have different controller and know how to set it. As much as I know, the controller setting is hard to set and boring as hell to figure it out. This is one of the most crucial of failed mechanism in this game (in my opinion).
  • Faster browsing song, not lagging one like in Frets on Fire.
  • Better profile management.
  • Backward compatible with FoFix songs.

If you’re interested with this game, you should visit to download the game or just to read about the game.

Well. for the past 3 weeks I’ve been creating anime songs. I just complete 4 songs and on-going 3 songs. I’m not sure if I’m going to continue because I’ve been busy playing Kamidori Alchemy Meister. If you have any question, feel free to ask the community, most of the questions are answered before you ask *LOL.

Run Opera Mini 4.4 on PC and Save OBML files

I’m wondering for so long to make this happen. Why so eager to do this? I mean, we have our own browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE etc) so why do we need Opera Mini that actually a mobile version of web browser run in PC? To tell you the truth, my main objective is to be able to save the OBML file which is only readable by opera mini mobile browser. Why is so important? Back to the point, I’m as a mobile user also aware that browsing in mobile phone sometimes get slow and comes a lot of cost when loading a very big site. So in order to overcome the budget, I use my PC to save the web page so that I can read it in mobile phone wherever I go.  That’s why, I use Opera Mini that has the same version as my mobile phone to make it compatible. In short, open a web page in Opera Mini PC, save page as OBML and transfer it to my mobile phone to read it later. This is the cost efficiency to overcome the budget in my phone charge. However some of you might think that what kind of page do I open? My mobile phone apparently can’t open something big like 500Kb page, yes indeed it’s annoying but hellishly in PC  you can open it without worry. Since I love to read Light Novel, this is the easiest and most efficient way to make this happen. One of that light novel site page load is 400-600Kb which is considered huge for mobile phone to load.

So nonsense up there? No problem, this might be catch your interest, maybe you will get a very slow connection, I don’t know when or even how will it happen, but surely when that happens, opening with PC based browser sure a bit tough, because the page will load slowly or even doesn’t load at all. Alternatively, some website offer you a mobile version by typing m in front of the domain site (e.g: but not all the sites offer the same feature. That’s why, Opera Mini comes in handy due the fact that web browser is compressing the web page so that mobile phone can view it lightly. Opera Mini also considered fast with a slower connection compared to PC based web browser because of that compression method.

How to make this works?

Guide to Build Your Own PC

Technology is always going forward everyday. I’m specifically talking about PC (Personal Computer) Stuff. Did you have a PC in your home? You didn’t? Or you wanna upgrade your PC? This guide might be perfect for you.  I don’t want to talk about the basic and advance stuff here, I just want to share the PC Build within the usage, durability, reasonable performance and reasonable price. Most people didn’t know that their PC component can be replaced with a new one, especially ones who live before computer born :)) Ok that’s not the point. I assume you know the partner of each component hardware (intel processor 1155 stick up with intel motherboard  1155 and so on). Maybe I’ll talk a little bit of basic stuff then.

Bellow are the list of PC Build. Note that you can’t change the processor and motherboard partner since they’re fixed. Except you know the specification of each, meaning that you know that the processor can be together with other motherboard (Don’t mix AMD with intel etc). Yet I’m not covering the Monitor, Speaker, Modem, Mouse, Keyboard & any of component outside the CPU Case (as long as computer run without those component). For that alone you need to search for yourself. For a brief specification use google 😀 I guarantee you that all the build below is best fit for each other.


The most basic build of all, if you like to work in your home with PC then this is the choice. Remember quality of the product is the number one, if you have a low budget read it through (you can choose one of each). The price for Continue reading Guide to Build Your Own PC

Final Fantasy XIII – Money Making Guide

This guide is for those who have finish the game once and unlocked Crystarium Stage 10. Also you have maxed all 3 main roles of each character in the Crystarium. If you haven’t finish the game once, it can be difficult and can take longer to finish. You can just continue without finishing the game to search for additional equipment. As a side note, I can do this in my Crystarium Stage 9 with all 3 main Paradigm Level 3 and Tier 2 Weapon (all 3 character) all can be done in 5-7 minutes.

Before we start you need to prepare the following:


Lightning (as leader), Hope, & Fang (anyone is fine as long as you kill the monster fast and get 5 Stars rating)


Bully (COM/SYN/SAB) [In case you don’t have Sprint Shoes and you’re low level party]

Exploitation (COM/SAB/SAB)

Relentless Assault (RAV/RAV/COM)

Aggression (COM/RAV/COM) [Optional]

Tireless Charge (COM/MED/COM) [Optional]

Hero’s Charge (MED/SYN/COM) [Optional]

Continue reading Final Fantasy XIII – Money Making Guide

My Life Paradigm

It’s been a long time ago I touch my blog again. Well it’s time for me to babbling again about my own life especially my paradigm (my life guide line). Everybody have their own perspective about this life. This is my perspective and maybe a tips for us all:

Trust No One

How do you live your life without trusting anybody? That question will pop out from your mind when see the title. Well, I have my point of view. First of all, we can’t agree what people always say. We need to search any information regarding to their statement about something. Do you believe in something that your teacher told you? Continue reading My Life Paradigm

Quick Review: Buddy Rush

Berhubung sedang tidak ada kerjaan, tidak ada salahnya saya membuat tutorial tentang game Facebook. Bagi kalian yang senang main game browser terutama RPG Hack & Slash, tidak ada salahnya untuk mencoba game yg satu ini, Buddy Rush. Sebenarnya game ini sudah dirilis sejak lama sekitar pertengahan bulan Februari 2011 (bisa dibilang masih bisa tergolong baru). Langsung saya review deh:

Buddy Rush

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