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Run Opera Mini 4.4 on PC and Save OBML files

I’m wondering for so long to make this happen. Why so eager to do this? I mean, we have our own browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE etc) so why do we need Opera Mini that actually a mobile version of web browser run in PC? To tell you the truth, my main objective is to be able to save the OBML file which is only readable by opera mini mobile browser. Why is so important? Back to the point, I’m as a mobile user also aware that browsing in mobile phone sometimes get slow and comes a lot of cost when loading a very big site. So in order to overcome the budget, I use my PC to save the web page so that I can read it in mobile phone wherever I go.  That’s why, I use Opera Mini that has the same version as my mobile phone to make it compatible. In short, open a web page in Opera Mini PC, save page as OBML and transfer it to my mobile phone to read it later. This is the cost efficiency to overcome the budget in my phone charge. However some of you might think that what kind of page do I open? My mobile phone apparently can’t open something big like 500Kb page, yes indeed it’s annoying but hellishly in PC  you can open it without worry. Since I love to read Light Novel, this is the easiest and most efficient way to make this happen. One of that light novel site page load is 400-600Kb which is considered huge for mobile phone to load.

So nonsense up there? No problem, this might be catch your interest, maybe you will get a very slow connection, I don’t know when or even how will it happen, but surely when that happens, opening with PC based browser sure a bit tough, because the page will load slowly or even doesn’t load at all. Alternatively, some website offer you a mobile version by typing m in front of the domain site (e.g: m.facebook.com) but not all the sites offer the same feature. That’s why, Opera Mini comes in handy due the fact that web browser is compressing the web page so that mobile phone can view it lightly. Opera Mini also considered fast with a slower connection compared to PC based web browser because of that compression method.

How to make this works?


Quick Review: Buddy Rush

Berhubung sedang tidak ada kerjaan, tidak ada salahnya saya membuat tutorial tentang game Facebook. Bagi kalian yang senang main game browser terutama RPG Hack & Slash, tidak ada salahnya untuk mencoba game yg satu ini, Buddy Rush. Sebenarnya game ini sudah dirilis sejak lama sekitar pertengahan bulan Februari 2011 (bisa dibilang masih bisa tergolong baru). Langsung saya review deh:

Buddy Rush

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