My Android Installation Guideline

This is my personal tutorial for my device. If you’re going to follow this, fine. Follow at your own risk because I’m not responsible if anything bad happen to your device! Actually, the purpose of this tutorial is to provide me a “guideline” and “application rundown installation” if something happen with my device (e.g.: Accidental Format, Re-formatting) or something like that.

First time hands on, probably you want to do something fun but not risky. Therefore, I obligate you to don’t do anything stupid unless it’s proven to work (e.g.: rooting your device, boot in recovery mode). This is my guideline so I listed the apps that considered as “best” in my opinion. I’m not explaining every step by step how to do anything so bear with it!

Use Google to search the specific apps, here’s the guideline:

  • Update your device to the newest firmware (currently my device is Jellybean 4.1.2) or search a better custom firmware that suit your device best, search the firmware that match your device (duh…seriously) or leave your current firmware if it suit you best. You probably want to skip step 2 and 3 if you installed a custom firmware. Usually the custom firmware already rooted.
  • Root your device. I have my own method and risk free to do so. The root method is using CWM Recovery (xda forum provide a lot of tutorial for this).
  • Install SuperSU from CWM Recovery.
  • Install Online Nandroid Backup, backup your current device ROM state for a default before you install anything. This method only possible if you have rooted your device, if you want to backup without rooting, I suggest to search other method in xda, otherwise proceed.

    Note: You don’t have to backup if you don’t want too, but to be a failsafe measurement, it is better have the basic/stock ROM backup before doing anything. Or if you want to switch ROM state, this is the best method available. Your device doesn’t need to be rebooted to do backup (CWM Mode), it will do the backup on the fly (except when restoring). If anything bad happen (fail to boot) do the wipe data/cache or factory reset via Recovery Mode (vol up+power+menu, other device may vary). If still fail, re-flash it with Russian firmware (my device specific only). I don’t have any problem with this so I put that aside.

  • Install these important applications (pro apps recommended):
    • Root Explorer Pro. “My Files” substitute, also the permission changer that very useful.
    • File Expert. Make any installed apps to APK for file sharing/backup, also used for Wi-Fi transfer with PC. ES File Explorer might be your second choice.
    • Helium. Formerly named Carbon, due the copyright. Pretty much like File Expert but more advance at backup, if you have big game obb+data files, this apps allow you to back it up into one larger files including the apps itself, but you need to reboot the device and connect it to PC to activate the backup feature. Also this apps must remain in order to restore.
    • QuickPic. Gallery apps substitute, it’s fast and doesn’t generate large .thumbnails files.
    • DiskUsage. Useful for checking any hidden files that eats up your storage, like “.thumbnails”.
    • Battery+ Pro. Battery usage monitor, enhancing your default battery monitor.
    • DS Battery Saver Pro. My favorite battery saver apps. If you have yours, then skip this.
    • SetCPU. Increase/decrease CPU performance by setting it at your leisure, this will also conserve battery consumption if set to low but may decrease performance. DS Battery Saver Pro also comes with its own CPU apps, but not as powerful as this.
    • Autostarts. Selective startup apps, enhancing your device performance especially on boot.
    • Greenify. Hibernate unused program.
    • System Tuner/Quadrant. Detailed system info apps, you need at least installed one on your device.
    • Mobile Counter. Internet usage monitoring apps, including 3G, Wi-Fi, & Personal Wi-Fi.
    • Opera Mini. Internet browser, if you don’t like it install any other browser that suit you best like Firefox, Chrome, UC Browser, Dolphin. I like this best because it has less cost data transfer and fast.
    • Instagram. Photo editor & sharing exclusive for iPhone & Android user.
    • Adobe Flash Player
    • MX Player Pro. The best video player for Android, replace your standard video player. Support wide variety of common video files including flv & mkv with embedded sub. Sometimes I watch anime using this.
    • Office Suite Pro. Replace your standard document processing with this. Support all the latest Office document, and allow editing.
    • Audio Manager
    • GL to SD. This is essential for gamer who likes to play more than one big games with obb+data files. It grant access to move all the obb+data files into external SD.
    • FPS Meter Pro
    • MetaTrader 4. I’m a forex trader, this apps supposed to be my backup if anything happen with my PC terminal program when I opened a position (e.g.: internet connection lost & blackout). Otherwise, I’m not using this very much since the provided basic indicator that I don’t really use.
    • Whatsapp
    • ROM Manager. Alternative to Online Nandroid Backup.
    • BusyBox. This will be prompted to install if you have ROM Manager since the apps need this.
    • Call Recorder Pro
    • Manga Watcher Application. I’m a heavy manga reader, perhaps you consider this as useless if you don’t read manga. For me, this is the best apps that can be provided for my device.
    • Momo MAL. I’m a myanimelist member, this apps give me access for easier update of my anime & manga list if I’m far from PC.
    • Blackmart
    • Lucky Patcher

    Note: Don’t put any of these apps above into SDCard0, otherwise some widget won’t work. If you’re wondering why I don’t use Titanium Backup which is majority of Android user install this, because I’ve a problem with permission from the apps itself. Not sure if SuperSU not capable of granting permissions, or I need a different rooting method (I’m not risking this since I have Online Nandroid Backup) otherwise, carry on!

  • Disable unused apps and cleaning up!

    It happen that a lot of useless apps installed by default. In order to maintain the usability I disabled some of the apps that I don’t really use such as:

    • ChatON
    • Clock (funky & modern), Dual Clock (analog)
    • Face Unlock
    • Gallery. Use QuickPic since this thumbnails generator is the worst.
    • Game Hub
    • Gmail. Turned on only if I connect to Wi-Fi and if I feel like to check my mail.
    • Google Bookmarks Sync. I browse a lot with Opera Mini.
    • Google Calender Sync. The offline calendar is more than enough for me.
    • Google Contacts Sync
    • Google Play Music
    • Google Partner Setup, Google Play Store & Google Service Framework. I don’t like background process running by this apps. Only enabled if some of my apps need an update.
    • Google Search (2 service)
    • Google Text-to-speech English
    • Google+
    • Market Feedback Agent
    • Microbes
    • Mini Diary
    • MusicFX
    • My Files. Use Root Explorer or File Expert instead, because you can’t disable thumbnails here.
    • News & Weather. My PC Desktop is more than enough.
    • News Daemon(EUR)
    • PageBuddyNotiSvc
    • Picasa Uploader. I have Instagram….duh
    • Polaris Office 4.0. I have Office Pro.
    • Remote controls (2 service)
    • RoseEUKor
    • Samsung Apps
    • Samsung Backup Provider
    • Samsung Browser Sync
    • Samsung Calender Sync
    • Samsung Cloud Data Relay
    • Samsung Contact Sync
    • Samsung Push Service
    • Samsung Syncadapters
    • Samsung Text-to-speech
    • SNS
    • Stock Daemon(EUR)
    • Street View
    • Talk
    • TalkBack
    • User Dictionary
    • Voice command
    • Weather Daemon(EUR)
    • Weather Widget
    • Weather Widget Main
    • Yahoo! Finance
    • Yahoo! News

    If you think there’s still any apps that should be disabled, feel free to comment (regardless of device you have).

    For the cleaning up, I only use the clear cache feature and disabling thumbnails by using DiskUsage, and deleting the .thumbnails folder inside DCIM folder (in your SDCard0). But before that, make new file that has the same name with thumbsdata inside that folder before deleting it, and override the permission without allowing you to write (system & user). Reboot your system after this, use DiskUsage again to scan the entire SDCard0 and delete the file inside LOST.DIR to conserve disk space. Don’t forget to disable all the thumbnail preview in your Root Explorer and File Expert.

  • Note: From this time onwards, depends on your need and usage, the application set may vary. This solely based on my personal preference. I’m also not mentioning the apps twice from above even falls from the same category. The apps below considered as a secondary.

    Internet, Cloud Storage, & Social Apps:

    • IDM. Internet Download Manager like one on PC, except this one is mobile version. If you prefer torrent or any other download manager, do it so.
    • Dropbox/Google Drive/SkyDrive
    • Facebook/Twitter
    • Skype
    • Path. Social apps exclusive for Android & iPhone user.
    • eBuddy. Multiple Chatting apps. You can install any of your favorite chat apps (e.g.: Line, YM, Kakao Talk)

    Document, Image, Audio, & Video Processing:

    • Writer/Jota Text Editor. What do you expect from basic .txt editor? If you want a heavy text editing take Google Docs/Evernote.
    • PDF Reader
    • QR Barcode Scanner. Scan QR Barcode via camera or image files.
    • Genius Scan. Scan any of your documents with camera.
    • Photoshop Express. As the name implies, this is very quick photo editor. It’s only read files inside the Camera Folder (sdcard0).
    • HDR Camera+. If you like HDR effect, this will help you to achieve that. Otherwise, feel free to install any other similar apps.
    • Music (Remix). Quite powerful music apps that allow you to search lyric and missing album art. You can also activate scrobbler.
    • iTag. Used for tagging music files. A must apps if you like neat music library, also search for missing album art & info.
    • MP3 Search and Download. Use multiple server to search.
    • TubeMate. Youtube video downloader. You might find better apps than this, File Expert also capable of doing this.
    • MP3 Cutter
    • Movie Editor

    Misc Apps:

    • Go Launcher Prime/Nova Launcher Prime/Next Launcher 3D
    • StopWatch & Timer+
    • Wolfram Alpha
    • Dictionary. Language may vary depends on your preference.
    • Bank Account Application (your choice). I do a lot of transfer, so this is a must have apps.

    Finally, that was quite a long list, even for me. Don’t forget to backup your device again, so you don’t have to install any of the application above in case of catastrophic failure. Anyway, thanks for reading and feel free to comment about adding any application that should be on the list (excluding the games). Don’t ask anything about how to do things and download link (mostly it’s google-able) I’m not keen to answer any of that question.


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