My Life Paradigm

It’s been a long time ago I touch my blog again. Well it’s time for me to babbling again about my own life especially my paradigm (my life guide line). Everybody have their own perspective about this life. This is my perspective and maybe a tips for us all:

Trust No One

How do you live your life without trusting anybody? That question will pop out from your mind when see the title. Well, I have my point of view. First of all, we can’t agree what people always say. We need to search any information regarding to their statement about something. Do you believe in something that your teacher told you? As for me, I don’t. I assume that everything that my teacher say is a lie, why? Let’s say, orange fruit taste sour, you might think yes it is, but for me I don’t believe until I try and taste it by myself, what if the taste is sweet? Depends on what kind of orange fruit you eat. We can’t swallow it raw any statement that people say. Even for me, I don’t believe in god, god is irrelevant. You think I am an atheist, but I’m not. As I said before, we need to search any information especially scientific to any statement. We live in techno era, we can get information as much as we want. Google is your friend, search it. This is up to you if you wanna follow or not, back at you. The only people you can trust is yourself, not other, not your family, not your teacher, not your friend, not even the god himself.

Expect the Unexpected

I prepare anything before I realize that something that I expected begun unexpected (at least until I write this). Before that I didn’t realize that my good life begun to a totally sucks, this is when I need to expect the unexpected before it’s too late.  Ever heard “Willing umbrella before it rains“? That quote is best suit for this. When your life rolling good with no obstacle, you will not think of anything but move on with it without burden. At that time most people do that, but for me it is time to worry about what comes next. “If it looks like there’s nothing to worry about, that’s when you really have to worry.” That quote makes me realize that life is not always good. Like a wheel, it always turning. Like the earth we live in, it always turn from day to night and so on.  Simple example, you want to go somewhere far in summer and you see a weather forecast for tomorrow, they say it will be sunny.  As most people do, you don’t carry umbrella on you because it’s sunny and it’s summer! You go out from your house and voila it is rain in the summer season that you expect to be sunny. Okay, so what do you do? Blaming the weather forecast or yourself about it? Nobody cares! You might thing it’s impossible to have rain in summer? I think it is not, that’s why you need to expect the unexpected and you trust no one (weather forecast sucks). It will be a different story if you bring your umbrella in, we have a backup. It is not always about rain and umbrella, it is about everything in general, we need to have a backup plan for everything. It goes that when you trust something, you need to jump to this backup plan.

Second Chances or Fate

Do you believe in second chances? For me I don’t or I sometimes do. It is rare to the second chances, I’m not saying impossible because impossible itself said I’m possible. How about fate? It might be yes or no, it depends. Most what we do is what we gonna do, is it fate? I don’t say it’s fate, because we desire to do so, if not that we expected then it is we less expected and still not a fate. Sometimes people said, it is fate that’s what you are right now. I don’t think so, fate is only for those who unable to control their own futures. That’s what I think about fate. If we can control our own future, we will be far away from fate, because we know what we will do. But remember, we can’t certain everything because the only certain is the uncertainty. For those who have same opinion with me about fate, maybe we can still hope for a second chances. It will come or not it depends on our power to control our own future.

The Only Certain Is Uncertainty

No one can predict the future, that’s why “trust no one” is applied at first of this article. Anyone who ever went to fortune-teller and believe what they said, then you have no faith in yourself. Why fortune-tellers predict other people fates while they can predict theirs? What’s the point to it? Our life is not depends on it, right? For me, my guide line is myself, not what other said especially when someone told me about my future, get a real job! Can you predict what weather will be tomorrow? Astronomers can, but do you believe it? It is uncertain, and everything back to what I write before “expect the unexpected”. For example, you promise to your friend’s party that you will come at 7 PM straight. It will take only 30 minutes from your home to his place. But, the road you usually pass is crowded because of a very big accident, you end up to came to his house at 8 PM, what a day!

What’s Done Is Done

This is the most quote of my life that I never forgot. Most people never let go of this one. They always say,  “You should never do that before. You should do like that…bla bla bla” something like that, It’s too late people! Grow up! Especially for you who have live long enough (you know who anyway, it’s around you everyday)! The only way to solve this is move on! What’s done is done. You can’t change your past. You can only get done with it and fix it for a better future so that you don’t repeat it again. It’s like a history lesson, it is not about who is right, it is about who is left. History moving on, because we don’t know what is the truth about that history (damn I hate history by the way). Okay it is irrelevant but it is true. Sometimes failure is an option, yeah we need to fail at least once so we don’t repeat the same mistake. That’s why “what’s done is done and move on” is the key here.

We Born Intelligent

There are no stupid human in this world, really. We all born intelligent, and that stupidity and intelligent have its own measurement. People say we are smart or stupid because they have their own measurement. Not all people have the same measurement about this. I can freely say that Einstein is not that intelligent. Why? Are you more intelligent than him? That question will pop out from our mind. First let me explain, our measurement is different, and also the “intelligent” from what I think and yours is also have different point of view. That’s why I don’t judge people from this, well maybe I judge with different perspective. Example, my friend let’s say “Rein” is very good at math, my other friend “Kyrie” is good at biology. One day, it is a test exam, first to come is biology, Rein got D at that, and Kyrie got an A. The next day is math exam, Rein that we know good at math got an A, but Kyrie got D. So who do you think is intelligent or stupid? For my opinion, both are intelligent. For you maybe it will be vary. It depends on what measurement do we use. From math lesson point of view, Rein is smarter than Kyrie, from biology lesson point of view Kyrie is smarter than Rein, if I said the opposite both are dumb which is why point of view is the measurement. That’s not the point right now, the point is we can reach whatever dream we want to reach as long as we are motivated and never desperate. It is up to you if you wanna be “Jack of all trades master of nothing” which is balance (we know everything but a little), or we polish something that we already know and leave any other that not relevant to our study. Don’t feel inferior because you think others are smarter than yours, you can’t move on with that paradigm, as long as we learn as much as we can and don’t talk too much (which is makes us look stupid when everything goes wrong) we can be anything we want.

Good at Something? Never Do It Free

I quote it from somewhere, maybe Joker from Batman. Let’s jump to the example, first time your neighbor need your help to fix their PC, you do it sincerely. Second times, their PC broken again, you realize that is a virus or something that make it blue screen, you figure out that safe mode to disable that virus and it is works. Third times, the PC suddenly can’t work as usual, at this stage I believe you’ll be in a very upset state, once they knew you good at fixing PC they will always call you and you are annoyed by it. You will thinking again and ask them to call the technician (I assume that you know how to fix this but you reject to help them). This is where it starts. From my point of view we’re not sincere to help them for the last time, hey most people annoyed by this, true story. Not to mention that you got nothing after helping them, this part is also annoys me and we start thinking about this “I help them but they never give me anything, Am I evil or them?”. We need to measure things before we do something, if it using our skill or something major that not all people can do, I end up thinking “never do it for free”. I’m not that evil to think every little thing is money oriented. You need to refine what is worth and what is not. Sincere to help people at first and second times is where I start, but for the third and forth, better call other slaves, I’m not your slave because people that always need my help (I mean of everything) is the evil one. That’s why I better be “Jack of all trades” because when something happen whatever it is, you will know what you need to do. We got a lot to learn, and remember we are all intelligent that If we master of something then never do it for free.

The Ultimate Goal

Did we realize what is our ultimate goal? Answer and write it down into your head. For me, my ultimate goal is life to the fullest and die without regret, simple as that. Actually it is not that simple because, this ultimate goal have a lot of side missions to do before it is complete. There will be a lot of obstacle waiting for us, we need to solve a lot of problem, once solved another problem will come. If you don’t have any problems in life then I’m sure you will die soon because your life is complete. Nobody life without problems, even the richest person (which is you think they don’t have a problem) actually have a lot of problem. We must struggle with it, we life with it, we won’t give up for it, that’s a life worth it. To reach this ultimate goal we need effort. That effort is my guide line to walk the path on this world.

Everything I write is hundred percent from my head, all the quote return to their respective owner (I’m sure some of them are anonymous). Sorry if you don’t understand for most part of this article…whatever because English is not my native tongue. Thank you for reading this, and I hope it is useful for all of us. Discussions are welcome, just comment below but remember no flaming and any other discussion that not relevant to this article, thanks again.


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