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Final Fantasy XIII – Money Making Guide

This guide is for those who have finish the game once and unlocked Crystarium Stage 10. Also you have maxed all 3 main roles of each character in the Crystarium. If you haven’t finish the game once, it can be difficult and can take longer to finish. You can just continue without finishing the game to search for additional equipment. As a side note, I can do this in my Crystarium Stage 9 with all 3 main Paradigm Level 3 and Tier 2 Weapon (all 3 character) all can be done in 5-7 minutes.

Before we start you need to prepare the following:


Lightning (as leader), Hope, & Fang (anyone is fine as long as you kill the monster fast and get 5 Stars rating)


Bully (COM/SYN/SAB) [In case you don’t have Sprint Shoes and you’re low level party]

Exploitation (COM/SAB/SAB)

Relentless Assault (RAV/RAV/COM)

Aggression (COM/RAV/COM) [Optional]

Tireless Charge (COM/MED/COM) [Optional]

Hero’s Charge (MED/SYN/COM) [Optional]

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Quick Review: Buddy Rush

Berhubung sedang tidak ada kerjaan, tidak ada salahnya saya membuat tutorial tentang game Facebook. Bagi kalian yang senang main game browser terutama RPG Hack & Slash, tidak ada salahnya untuk mencoba game yg satu ini, Buddy Rush. Sebenarnya game ini sudah dirilis sejak lama sekitar pertengahan bulan Februari 2011 (bisa dibilang masih bisa tergolong baru). Langsung saya review deh:

Buddy Rush

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