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Guide to Build Your Own PC

Technology is always going forward everyday. I’m specifically talking about PC (Personal Computer) Stuff. Did you have a PC in your home? You didn’t? Or you wanna upgrade your PC? This guide might be perfect for you.  I don’t want to talk about the basic and advance stuff here, I just want to share the PC Build within the usage, durability, reasonable performance and reasonable price. Most people didn’t know that their PC component can be replaced with a new one, especially ones who live before computer born :)) Ok that’s not the point. I assume you know the partner of each component hardware (intel processor 1155 stick up with intel motherboard  1155 and so on). Maybe I’ll talk a little bit of basic stuff then.

Bellow are the list of PC Build. Note that you can’t change the processor and motherboard partner since they’re fixed. Except you know the specification of each, meaning that you know that the processor can be together with other motherboard (Don’t mix AMD with intel etc). Yet I’m not covering the Monitor, Speaker, Modem, Mouse, Keyboard & any of component outside the CPU Case (as long as computer run without those component). For that alone you need to search for yourself. For a brief specification use google 😀 I guarantee you that all the build below is best fit for each other.


The most basic build of all, if you like to work in your home with PC then this is the choice. Remember quality of the product is the number one, if you have a low budget read it through (you can choose one of each). The price for Continue reading Guide to Build Your Own PC


My Life Paradigm

It’s been a long time ago I touch my blog again. Well it’s time for me to babbling again about my own life especially my paradigm (my life guide line). Everybody have their own perspective about this life. This is my perspective and maybe a tips for us all:

Trust No One

How do you live your life without trusting anybody? That question will pop out from your mind when see the title. Well, I have my point of view. First of all, we can’t agree what people always say. We need to search any information regarding to their statement about something. Do you believe in something that your teacher told you? Continue reading My Life Paradigm

Ubuntu 10.10-11.04 vs Windows 7

As we know Windows is a general OS nowadays. But Open source OS is also in its way in developing more lightweight and performance, especially Ubuntu Linux Distribution. On today I wanna compare some of the feature of Ubuntu 10.10-11.04 and Windows 7 that can be a reason why you should seek out Open Source more than a closed source.

Specification Requirements
You don’t need good computer with high spec to run Ubuntu. The minimum requirements for this is four times lower Continue reading Ubuntu 10.10-11.04 vs Windows 7

My Work In Google SketchUp (Pro) 8

Akhir-akhir ini saya lagi membuat model yg didesain langsung menggunakan Google SketchUp Pro 8. Sejauh mata memandang (memandang kemana?) program inilah yg paling mudah dalam pembuatan desain rumah (Autocad, 3Ds Max, Blender, dan sejenisnya memang terkenal namun agak sulit). Sebagai pemula anda pasti bisa langsung menggunakan program ini (lihat tutorial juga sepertinya gk begitu penting). Untuk memperlancar anda dapat melihat tutorial basic penggunaan program ini serta penggunaan tools yang disediakan oleh program ini.

Anda bisa download program ini di: Continue reading My Work In Google SketchUp (Pro) 8