Final Fantasy XIII – Money Making Guide

This guide is for those who have finish the game once and unlocked Crystarium Stage 10. Also you have maxed all 3 main roles of each character in the Crystarium. If you haven’t finish the game once, it can be difficult and can take longer to finish. You can just continue without finishing the game to search for additional equipment. As a side note, I can do this in my Crystarium Stage 9 with all 3 main Paradigm Level 3 and Tier 2 Weapon (all 3 character) all can be done in 5-7 minutes.

Before we start you need to prepare the following:


Lightning (as leader), Hope, & Fang (anyone is fine as long as you kill the monster fast and get 5 Stars rating)


Bully (COM/SYN/SAB) [In case you don’t have Sprint Shoes and you’re low level party]

Exploitation (COM/SAB/SAB)

Relentless Assault (RAV/RAV/COM)

Aggression (COM/RAV/COM) [Optional]

Tireless Charge (COM/MED/COM) [Optional]

Hero’s Charge (MED/SYN/COM) [Optional]


Sprint Shoes x3. One for each character to auto-cast Haste. If you bothered with this switch your party member with Sazh or make Hope as Synergyst and cast Haste to everybody (this will take longer).

How to get: You must Dismantle Tetradic Tiara (Upgrade Tetradic Crown to Tetradic Tiara), get from Ch 11 Chocobo 10th treasure, Ch 11 Mission 7 Rare Drop, defeat Bituitus.

Collector’s Catalog (very important, increase common drop x1.5)

Get from: Ch 11 Mission 8 Reward, Ch 11 Taejin’s Tower (Seventh Tier), Ch 11 Archylte Steppe, Haerii Archaeopolis (hole near mission 34)

Connoisseur’s Catalog (In my opinion this is not mandatory except you want to farm Long Gui or Adamantortoise, increase rare drop x1.2)

Upgrade Collector’s Catalog with Mnar Stone (Buy from The Motherlode for 60,000 Gil)

Growth Egg (Optional, increase CP Earned x2)

Get from Ch 11 Mission 55 Reward (Defeating Neochu, it’s pretty hard)

Tier 2 Weapon (all 3 character with maximum level, Optional)


Well if you are on Orphan’s Cradle and know where the 3 warp gates our one for Gran Pulse One for Eden Hall and one for the end game battle. You want the warp gate for Eden Hall. The area it takes you to is the only area you will need to be in it consists of 5 battles:

First Battle: Sacrifice x1 (15-33 Secs)

Second Battle: Sacrifice x1 (15-33 Secs)

Third Battle: Scarifice x2, Vernal Harvester x1 (28-65 Secs)

Fourth Battle: Scarifice x2 (23-55 Secs)

Fifth Battle: Sacrifice x2 (23-55 Secs)


– For First & Second Battle, Start all the battles with the Exploitation (If you don’t have sprint shoes start with Bully), once the Scarifice suffer from Deprotect, Deshell, and Imperil, switch to Relentless Assault and kill him.

– For Third Battle start with Exploitation/Bully and attack the Vernal Harvester first and make a few attacks untill it has some debuffs on it then switch to Relentless Assault and kill it, if it works out correctly the sacrifices will also get staggered. If battle turns out uggly, use Synergyst/Medic (Hero’s Charge) to recover from bad status effect.

– For Fourth & Fifth Battle you can get the preemptive strike about 50% of the time on both and almost always on the 5th battle. If you do get the preemptive strike, once you get deshell cast on them switch to Relentless Assault and take out the scarifice.

– The Whole Strategy Only need 5 minutes to 7 minutes depends on your character status, equipment, strategy, and luck.


After the fifth battle, start walking back towards the way you came in from back to the warp gate but do not enter Go to the save point you will hear the music change at the point of hearing the music change you can turn back around and everything will respawn without having to access the save point or leaving the area making it quick for respawns each run takes about 5 mins from start to getting everything to respawn. Expect anywhere from 14,000 Gil on a bad run and up to 100,000 gil on a perfect run. Average is 30,000 Gil. Sacrifice drops Perfume sells for 12,500 Gil and Scarletite (save 3 for weapon upgrade) sells for 7,000 Gil. Making it prime for drops and the battles are easy.


Sacrifice Stats:
HP 452,000
Strength/Magic = 1,368/456
Stagger/Chain Res./CP = 300%/ 50%/1,440
Status Susceptibility:
Deprotect, Deshell, Slow, Poison, Imperil, Curse, Pain, Fog, Provoke = 70%
Daze, Death = -
Dispel = Immune
Common Drop: Perfume
Rare Drop: Scarletite

Notes: If you’re high level enough, you should fight Adamantortoise or Adamantoise (harder) since the Platinum Ingot worth for 150,000 Gil. After I watch some videos on youtube, you could easily kill Adamantoise with Vanile’s Death Ability on a low level party. First you must have Marlboro Wand at Max, Death Ability (of course), for Fang you must have Curse Ability to increase the Death percentage, the last party could be anyone (Sazh or Hope for Haste). At first, you should start with buffing yourself with Faith & Haste). Don’t take too long for this, summon Hecatoncheir and make the boss unable to move with Gestald Mode Final Attack. Once down, start debuffing again using Fang and Vanile just cast Death on him. Within a minute (usually took you about 40-120 secs) he will lose. I ever see that it could be extremely lucky battle that took you only 5 secs! Cast the Death on it and it killed (percentage of 100 times occur only one meaning of 1% or perhaps thousand times trying). My personal record is killing him in 10 seconds.


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