Run Opera Mini 4.4 on PC and Save OBML files

I’m wondering for so long to make this happen. Why so eager to do this? I mean, we have our own browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE etc) so why do we need Opera Mini that actually a mobile version of web browser run in PC? To tell you the truth, my main objective is to be able to save the OBML file which is only readable by opera mini mobile browser. Why is so important? Back to the point, I’m as a mobile user also aware that browsing in mobile phone sometimes get slow and comes a lot of cost when loading a very big site. So in order to overcome the budget, I use my PC to save the web page so that I can read it in mobile phone wherever I go.  That’s why, I use Opera Mini that has the same version as my mobile phone to make it compatible. In short, open a web page in Opera Mini PC, save page as OBML and transfer it to my mobile phone to read it later. This is the cost efficiency to overcome the budget in my phone charge. However some of you might think that what kind of page do I open? My mobile phone apparently can’t open something big like 500Kb page, yes indeed it’s annoying but hellishly in PC  you can open it without worry. Since I love to read Light Novel, this is the easiest and most efficient way to make this happen. One of that light novel site page load is 400-600Kb which is considered huge for mobile phone to load.

So nonsense up there? No problem, this might be catch your interest, maybe you will get a very slow connection, I don’t know when or even how will it happen, but surely when that happens, opening with PC based browser sure a bit tough, because the page will load slowly or even doesn’t load at all. Alternatively, some website offer you a mobile version by typing m in front of the domain site (e.g: but not all the sites offer the same feature. That’s why, Opera Mini comes in handy due the fact that web browser is compressing the web page so that mobile phone can view it lightly. Opera Mini also considered fast with a slower connection compared to PC based web browser because of that compression method.

How to make this works?

  • This is only available for the PC OS that support java, practically our daily basis OS (Windows, Linux, Mac).
  • You have the internet connection (duh…of course).
  • You have the plenty of time to download the listed program below the tutorial.

So let’s start the tutorial then (Windows based):

  1. Download and install Java from here (JRE version 6). For MAC user, I won’t help you… just do whatever that makes java be able to run. Linux user, you know how to install it, don’t you?
  2. Download MicroEmulator (current version 2.0.4). Extract it somewhere, as for me just C:\microemulator-2.0.4 to make it easier.
  3. Download OperaMini 4.4 from here (choose from dropdown list). Save both the jar and the jad file. Copy both files to C:\microemulator-2.0.4\apps and makes sure both files are inside the apps folder. As this tutorial were made I have opera-mini-4.4.29476-advanced-en-us.jar with the jad file also.
  4. Navigate to your microemulator main folder and run microemulator.jar (it’s in C:\microemulator-2.0.4\ or wherever you extract it). Make sure to open it with Java otherwise this program won’t run. If it doesn’t, figure it out how to use command line instead (I don’t get problem with this, so I leave that aside).
  5. Once the program started if you want to browse with bigger resolution (not native mobile phone resolution), click Option>Select Device… a new window will appear and click add navigate to C:\microemulator-2.0.4\devices\microemu-device-resizable.jar or wherever you extract it. After that, click set as default and click OK.
  6. Click File>Open MIDlet file… navigate to C:\microemulator-2.0.4\apps\opera-mini-4.4.29476-advanced-en-us.jad (see step 3, that’s where you put that jad file).
  7. There you go, you can click Start on the screen menu and that’s how you browsing with opera mini in PC.
  8. This step also important, I’m sure you don’t want to always retry the step 4 and step 6 respectively. To make it short, we can create shortcut out of it. Locate your microemulator.jar right click on it and click Create Shortcut. Select that new shortcut you just have made, and press Alt+Enter (or right click and click Properties). In the Shortcut tab menu, click on the Target box (that’s where your program location address), delete it all and replace it with:java -cp microemulator.jar;lib/microemu-jsr-75.jar –impl org.microemu.cldc.file.FileSystem org.microemu.examples.fcview.FCViewMIDlet apps\opera-mini-4.4.29476-advanced-en-us.jad
    or use this:
    C:\WINDOWS\system32\java.exe -cp microemulator.jar;lib/microemu-jsr-75.jar –impl org.microemu.cldc.file.FileSystem org.microemu.examples.fcview.FCViewMIDlet apps\opera-mini-4.4.29476-advanced-en-us.jad
    (the underlined text  depends on your opera mini version) and click Apply.
  9. If you do it correctly, the Icon of the shortcut will change to JRE Icon. Now you can freely move your shortcut to anywhere (this case is to Desktop). From now on, you just need to run it through shortcut and click Start to surf the internet.

I’m sure that’s just enough for you to just browsing like a mobile phone. You will all wondering now, where is the Save Page in Opera Tools menu? How can I save the OBML files? Okay I got it covered, because it is my main objective to write this tutorial for you. This is how you do it:

  1. Close all the running microemulator.jar.
  2. Navigate to C:\Documents and Settings\USER NAME\.microemulator (your main USER NAME, I’m Ultimate so nice to meet you…..)
  3. Open config2.xml with Notepad, MSWord, WordPad, or any text editor you have and paste this between </windows> and </config> tag (located at the end of text line):
    <property VALUE=”C:\” NAME=”fsRoot”/>
  4. Save that config and run the program using shortcut. If you do it correctly, you should see the Save Page menu after you browse a website. If the Save Page menu isn’t appear, that probably of the microemulator location or something to do with permissions (Windows 7 have issues with this). Try to change <Property VALUE=”C:\Users\[USER NAME]\Desktop\microemulator-2.0.4\apps” NAME=”fsroot”/> then see if the menu appear. If so, try to save a page, most likely the opera mini can’t find the path (if you didn’t create the folder, and I suggest don’t create it), then close the microemulator and change back the property value to default (step 3).

And that’s all you have to do, next point forward is a piece of cake, just do whatever you want with it. Oh one side note though, if you’re going to read the obml file on your phone, I advice you to select the smaller device or larger device (see step 5 up above). Personally I think it’s annoying to use resizeable window because you need to zoom or scroll the page to the right since your phone resolution is not that big (at least for the phone that running this Opera Mini 4.4 version). Otherwise, it’s up to your choice.

If you find trouble please do my tutorial step by step and thoroughly or comment bellow if you still get trouble (post screenshot if possible) and I hope you don’t get lost. Also, sorry if my English was bad, I’m still learning. Thank you for your time to read my blog (this tutorial was adapted from opera forum somewhere, so please understand this). Read the comment section because most of your question is answered.


40 thoughts on “Run Opera Mini 4.4 on PC and Save OBML files”

    1. Wow, AlinElRene, I have spent soooooooo long searching for you, the person that would give me the answer to this problem. However now after all the struggle and finally finding you and the solution you gave (which worked!), I was devastated when I found that when highlighting and copying text from within the micro emulated opera mini browser, I am unable to paste it inside anything outside the browser. this was the whole reason I went through all that I went through searching every where for months and months till I found you, my efforts were all towards the aim that I would be able to research on the move or whilst in public transport traffic and then come home open on the desktop, select the text and paste into word or wherever for use and editing, because it is so difficult to highlight long text with my phone trackball and after long scrolling it some times just de-selects meaning I have to teadiously start all over again(your technique’ finally when worked w.s. your ‘how to on view saved obml pageshen i opened up the config2.xml in Dreamweaver and went to the next line and just pasted, it arranged it for me correctly, unlike notepad or wordpad or word which returned errors when I eventually clicked on the shortcut) so right now I need a way that will allow me to copy from withinthe program.

      1. Well, I’m glad that I can help. After all, I did this because I want to read on mobile and vice versa (like you). It’s very convenient since I’m using this version of opera mini.

  1. Thanks, it works well in Windows. How do I get the downloads and shortcut to work in Linux? I use Puppy Linux.

  2. hey….. i can’t see any save option after doing this stuff… but browser is working….

  3. hontou ni arigatoo…

    thanks it solved, for me (xp user), i just need to retype the property value

  4. i cant save files i do strp 3 thousand time but nothing happened i try step 4 again nothing happen i use windows 7 if anyone can tell me what to do i will be Grateful

    1. Try to run as administrator, if it’s not working try to turn off the UAC in your user Settings (make sure you’re the administrator). It happens to me once too when I’m using WIndows 7. The fail caused by the program that have no permission to save changes in the “.microemulator” folder. Everytime you close it, the value will be back to default, so turning off the UAC is your first option.

  5. Worked like a charm,… I’m thinking furthur…. Can we use skype by this way?
    I tried with random skype.jar and .jad but didn’t work for me.. may be you have any idea……

    1. Well microemulator basically works with jar file, like games for instance (well not all games work well). But for a complexity like Skype, I guess you should try the desktop instead. I think the skype for mobile phone only support for chatting, isn’t it?

    1. I think just doing the second tutorial from step 1 to 4 is just enough. If you have trouble saving in Step 3 you should turn of UAC and retry to save the microemulator or just take ownership and run as Administrator, it works for me.

  6. errrr. what do I do with the .obml? I copy it to my phone, or to the saved page folder precisely but there’s nothing in Opera Mini saved page section

    1. You need to refresh the Saved Page folder in your mobile by re-selecting the saved folder (even the same folder) so that the Opera re-caching the saved page you have.

  7. Thanx .It worked But i want to know Can i use the moded version of opera mini – opera mini mod 4.21 in microemulator .I tried but it didn’t work plz help me

  8. Hi, Nice post but m having some problems Can you plz Upload the config2.xml file .Using windows 7

    1. the config2.xml actually is automatically generated. You just need to add what I’ve write there. But if you having trouble for that keep resetting, I suggest to turn of the UAC like everybody else. Also it’s wise to “Take Ownership” of the “.microemulator” folder.

  9. Please can you upload the config2 file and the shortcut target code for download.i have tried it but it’s not working.i’m using a mobile phone to view your site.thank you

    1. Well glad to hear it. I’m sorry to all visitor that I’m really really late at replying because I’m busy in life and I’m not often checking my blog. It’s been years since my last update. But I keep my best to answer all the questions. Again, sorry and thanks for reading.

  10. Thank you!
    I’ve been looking all over the internet and this is the only solution i found 🙂

  11. How about getting Opera Mini to start automatically without having to click the start button in microemulator? Any ideas

  12. Copy and paste – You can only copy and paste within the opera mini environment. To copy – Go to the first letter of the text you want to copy and right-click and hold till a select message will appear. Drag the one bracket by left-click and hold to highlite the text you want to copy. Then click select. Another box with options will appear, select copy. Now you can paste that by opening a message box on another page (opened by opera mini). Right-click again at the place where you want to paste the text, select paste. Please note that the copy function does not copy the text to the clipboard of your operating system, so you can not paste the text to a text editor outside of opera mini/microemulator. It only works in the opera mini/microemulator environment

  13. I wish the copy and paste works outside microemulator.that would be bye bye to normal web browser. I hate to use them cos my pc always get infected.microemulator with opera is the bomb.i’m sure there cud be an answer somewhere,on how to copy and paste text in uEmulator.i only imagined about viewing obml on pc b4 i found it posible on this site.

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