My Android Installation Guideline

This is my personal tutorial for my device. If you’re going to follow this, fine. Follow at your own risk because I’m not responsible if anything bad happen to your device! Actually, the purpose of this tutorial is to provide me a “guideline” and “application rundown installation” if something happen with my device (e.g.: Accidental Format, Re-formatting) or something like that.

First time hands on, probably you want to do something fun but not risky. Therefore, I obligate you to don’t do anything stupid unless it’s proven to work (e.g.: rooting your device, boot in recovery mode). This is my guideline so I listed the apps that considered as “best” in my opinion. I’m not explaining every step by step how to do anything so bear with it!

Use Google to search the specific apps, here’s the guideline:

  • Update your device to the newest firmware (currently my device is Jellybean 4.1.2) or search a better custom firmware that suit your device best, search the firmware that match your device (duh…seriously) or leave your current firmware if it suit you best. You probably want to skip step 2 and 3 if you installed a custom firmware. Usually the custom firmware already rooted.
  • Root your device. I have my own method and risk free to do so. The root method is using CWM Recovery (xda forum provide a lot of tutorial for this).
  • Install SuperSU from CWM Recovery.
  • Install Online Nandroid Backup, backup your current device ROM state for a default before you install anything. This method only possible if you have rooted your device, if you want to backup without rooting, I suggest to search other method in xda, Continue reading My Android Installation Guideline