Ubuntu 10.10-11.04 vs Windows 7

As we know Windows is a general OS nowadays. But Open source OS is also in its way in developing more lightweight and performance, especially Ubuntu Linux Distribution. On today I wanna compare some of the feature of Ubuntu 10.10-11.04 and Windows 7 that can be a reason why you should seek out Open Source more than a closed source.

Specification Requirements
You don’t need good computer with high spec to run Ubuntu. The minimum requirements for this is four times lower than Windows 7. It better for you to check hardware instead of spec (generally all the PC or notebook will run fine). Ubuntu is running twice faster than Windows 7.

Windows 7 is easy to install and it’s also easy configuration. You need a tutorial for Ubuntu because it’s very different from the basic knowledge you have from Windows. You think this halt your movement? You can easily use the live CD instead of installing it. Test before you install, if you hypnotized by this lightweight OS you can install by then. Windows never offer a user to see what’s inside of the OS (well many people use this anyway). Next good thing is, you can install Ubuntu side by side with Windows with their great Boot Manager (GRUB).

For user friendly they might end-up desperate using Linux. it’s because of the hard installation program that you need to do. Opening terminal, type a command such as sudo apt-get etc etc, okay the problem start here. For you who don’t like a challenge you better get your ass off from Ubuntu. It’s not user friendly as you might thing. You need a full internet connection to do things. It’s not free from bug however, you need to troubleshot, do some tweak and fix some minor problem (like close, minimize and maximize button on the left, you might want to switch it to the right). Linux Developer collecting as much as possible problem from user to make it better. If you want some challenge, give it a go with Ubuntu (or freeBSD, Slackware). Once again if you don’t, better use GUI OS. I usually prefer Linux over Windows 7 when it comes to hacking and software developing. For end user, Windows 7 is the best.

Driver Support and Compatibility
Most of driver in general like Wifi, printer, or old motherboard supported by Ubuntu. But, Windows 7 doesn’t support all of it especially when it comes to an old driver. You need additional file/driver to make the hardware work. I experience this by using my Wireless Adapter and HP Deskjet 1280 printer which is pain in the ass to work with Windows 7 (x64). But when pluging it in, the OS automatically detect and can be use. In fact, you don’t need extra file to make your hardware works, right? I need to warn you that not all the hardware support for Ubuntu itself. The point is Ubuntu works better in old hardware. Choose Windows 7 if you have a decent hardware.

Basically Closed Source OS is vulnerable by virus. They can come from anywhere and your OS definitely will slow or even unusable of being catastrophic failure. Despite being skeptic about it, you don’t need to worry with Ubuntu (and other Open Source OS). No one making virus for Ubuntu, even it has (which I never heard) what’s the point? Windows virus logically can’t be run under Linux because of the kernel and different file system. Who run in Windows is haunted by extreme danger virus that made them to reinstall the OS. For windows user, they need an extra security wall like anti virus and firewall. Linux user? No need to do that it only eat more resource and HDD space. But additionally you can install anti virus if you want.

Application Support
Lot of application is made for Windows. If you are a windows user and wanted to try Ubuntu for some reason, you can find a replacement from Windows to Ubuntu. For example, MS Office Word can be replace with Libre Office (or Open Office). Even it’s not good as MS Office, the good about it is free, you don’t need to buy it. If some application is not replaceable, you can use Wine Loader to run Windows application (though not every application is working). At least that they can do for an open source. If you have a lot of money and wanted a license and full application support (we’re not talking crackware here) Windows 7 is your choice.

File Management
In my years of experience using Ubuntu, Nautilus is also a good file manager (explorer for Windows). You can open a new tab like a browser to open a new location without a new window like windows did. But the minus is, when you rename, cut, copy or paste a file you can’t undo it like in Windows (it might be not important or important for you). Linux is simple OS that know what you are doing (is simple as that, no CTRL+Z for this operation, no undo). Another case, you can easily mount ISO in Ubuntu (Windows via Daemon Tools or MagicDisc). Search mode in Windows 7 via Search indexer is convenient, you can search file using it in start menu however Ubuntu 11.04 offer you the same solution called Unity for desktop management (a lot of bug still occur). Perhaps they fix nautilus function for future release.

Aesthetics (Workspace)
Ubuntu have four default workspace you can easily add up to many as long as your PC can hold (I ever test 64 Workspace but who wants that many?). If you have descent graphic (at least better graphic card) you can enable 3D Workspace via Compiz and combine it with Emerald Theme Manager (the greatest theme manager and completely free). Windows 7 comes with Aero and just using one workspace. This also need a good or better quality card (at least meets the minimum requirements). The taskbar management in Windows 7 is good (in my opinion), in Ubuntu 10.10 you can do the same but not good as windows 7. This feature available in 11.04 using Unity (try Pinguy OS for eye candy desktop). If you want fully customize Windows, you better work in searching a software like Deskspace.

After all, it’s your choice to choose between Ubuntu or Windows. It depends on your preference. Both have its own potential. No fanboy here, I’m just writing not making a flame or trolling. If I miss something (yet I’m not covering all the test subject) or you wanna add something, you can simply comment below.


7 thoughts on “Ubuntu 10.10-11.04 vs Windows 7”

  1. There are so many applications that Ubuntu/wine still don’t support, particularly in the fields of science, medicine, and business trading. If you are in these fields, it makes far more sense to stick with Windows.

    1. Ok thanks for visiting and commenting in my blog. That will be a strong point too for both OS. Yeah I’m not researching for that fields yet. It’s good to know for that apps is not yet supported for Linux. I’m still using Windows for business trading (like Forex for example).

  2. Do you have inforamation on the differneces between windows 7 and Ubuntu in the following areas; Machine Management , Peripheral Management , Security, File management and Device drivers.

  3. Hi there AlinEIRene mate, Do you have inforamation on the differneces between windows 7 and Ubuntu in the following areas; Machine Management , Peripheral Management , Security, File management and Device drivers. We’re all propper struggling and ill do you a favour in return if you send us some useful info over 😉

  4. Hi article author. Do you have any information on the differences between Windows 7 and Ubuntu in the following areas: Machine management, peripheral management, security, file management and device drivers? Thank-you

  5. I agree with the above comments off Andy T and kezzzzzz, could you please send information on Machine Management , Peripheral Management , Security, File management and Device drivers.

    1. Machine management, I think both winning if you have certain apps (Windows). I don’t really running server if that’s what you mean but both are winning either way.

      Peripheral Management? Most of the time they both have quite similar hardware, most PC Windows can be installed with Ubuntu…I don’t really understand that question (be specific).
      Security? Ubuntu is saver obviously. If you’re talking about server, I think both can be hacked regardless of OS. If you’re talking about virus then Ubuntu is saver.
      File Management? Read my post, it’s there. If you mean other file management I don’t really get it.
      Device Drivers? AFAIK Windows is the best when it comes to drivers. Mostly it detects any new hardware (search online also help). Ubuntu can recognize old hardware and driver. For new hardware, Ubuntu is still updating because most hardware manufacture prefer Windows. Well if you insist on using Ubuntu, I suggest to search which driver is work and which is don’t because I find that installing drivers on Ubuntu is pain in the ass, try Linux Mint for easier.

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