Show password under asterik in any browser

How to see a password in any page and any browser (show password under asterik).
Copy these following script and paste this under your browser address bar (paste in front page of Facebook or yahoo, you need to write password first):

 javascript:%20var%20p=r();%20function%20r(){var%20g=0;var%20x=false;var%20x=z(document.forms);g=g+1;var%20w=window.frames;for(var%20k=0;k<w.length;k++)%20{var%20x%20=%20((x)%20||%20(z(w[k].document.forms)));g=g+1;}if%20(!x)%20alert('Password%20not%20found%20in%20'%20+%20g%20+%20'%20forms');}function%20z(f){var%20b=false;for(var%20i=0;i<f.length;i++)%20{var%20e=f[i].elements;for(var%20j=0;j<e.length;j++)%20{if%20(h(e[j]))%20{b=true}}}return%20b;}function%20h(ej){var%20s='';if%20(ej.type=='password'){s=ej.value;if%20(s!=''){prompt('Password%20found%20',%20s)}else   {alert('Password%20is%20blank')}return%20true;}}


3 thoughts on “Show password under asterik in any browser”

      1. First type your password first, then paste those code in your browser, your typed asterik password will be seen. Maybe not working in newer browser or certain browser, and don’t forget to install latest Java.

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